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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 1, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> you can see the fog behind you. here is the san mateo bridge. light rain throughout the bay area, breezy winds and look at live doppler 7-hd shows the wet weather out towards the livermore valley. out towards san leandro. 580 and around alameda very wet weather, it's that light rain, further south from campbell to los gatos, not too much on the peninsula, page mill road looking at showers. this is our little break throughout the day that we will have right through the afternoon. the rain should totally stop at times. breezy winds. low to mid-60s with isolated showers. the rain this evening into overnight hours gets very heavy. this is the last system that takes us through sunday morning. that brings flood warnings to the rivers of the north bay. very gusty winds that is behind us by tomorrow afternoon. >> katie: the roads are certainly slippery out there. there is a severe traffic alert
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on northbound 280 before the 101. there is an injury accident there. we understand the two left lanes are blocked. if you are driving you are advised to avoid that area. no estimated time right now as to when the roadways reopen. this is north 280 before 101 due to an injury accident in the roadway. we don't know for sure whether or not that is weather-related but it's a decent guess. as lisa mentioned there is a flood warning in effect near the napa river and further south there is flood watches as water levels continued to rise. live in petaluma with one body of water as an example. >> reporter: good morning. i just wanted to mention, here it's been raining steadily for the last hour and a half here. just behind us, this was emptied on thursday. those heavy rains helped fill
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it. the light rains today are helping keep it full and it's happening all over sonoma county. take a look at video we have from guerneville where a dramatic change in river levels happened yesterday just like everywhere across the bay area. locals say they expect the russian river to approach flood stage this weekend. one man whose trailer sits right on the banks he watched the river rise 17 feet yesterday. he packed up his belongings, this morning he is planning to head for higher ground. >> it's going to be up to here. the flood stage and expectations at guerneville is 32 feet. >> flood signs popped up across highway and low lying back roads. some ignored the warning signs and no such luck. cars stalled and good samaritan
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we saw. this light rain today is somewhat of a break. it's going to get heavy tomorrow morning and residents we spoke with here in sonoma county they are using today's light rain as a break to brace and prepare their properties for tomorrow's big storm. >> katie: dozens of people in the santa cruz mountains are still without power and highway 9 is still shut down because of downed power lines. sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: pg&e crews are working to get power restored on this stretch of highway 9. this is what is left tree that took out a power line. only one building still has electricity. >> up here, you try to get ahead of the ballgame. a lot of us have generators
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around here. >> his generator is working but some of the neighbors had to settle for lamps to get through the night. >> usually they don't start hitting around january or february. >> ben lomand has been shut down. >> i'm going to find one of these roads that loop around. >> three pg&e teams are working on restoring power to the area. meanwhile, the rain continues to come in waves. even with the power out, residents say it could be a whole lot worse. >> the worst time is when it is cold and dreary, it's cold and you can't warm up. it's about 60 degrees. >> they hoped to have it repaired and the highway reopened by around 9:00 in the morning. now, they are hoping to have it around 11:00 in the morning.
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>> katie: well weather has created problems all over the bay area. in san francisco yesterday, take a look at this. a tree toppled onto a mercedes along pine street in lower pacific heights. nobody was hurt but the mess shut down a major cross town oortd for a short time. fallen trees get utility crew busy in marin county, as well. flooding submerged part of shoreline highway and high winds knocked down a tent at a christmas lot near mill valley. scenes like this kept oakland public works crews busy. one official said when you see flooding like this you can blame leaves or litter clogging up storm drains. >> a spinout in antioch damaged three cars and a child and an adult to the hospital. it happened on highway 4. the chp can't confirm initial reports that the child was
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ejected from the car, but we do know the three-year-old boy was airlifted to the children's hospital in oakland. adult was taken to a hospital in brentwood. >> other news, san francisco elementary school is working to try to stop the spread of a gastro enter its out break. ama daetz tells us what is being done about it. >> a letter was given to the students to take home to the parents. jennifer knew that something was going around but wasn't notified. >> i heard about 28 kids were out. >> the day before thanksgiving we were fine. then on thanksgiving he woke up really sick in the stomach.
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he wasn't able to eat turkey or any of that. >> an administrator says 150 students and faculty members were affected. >> we were given that because something like 150 children are sick. so we want to help them as much as we can. >> some of those students may have been kept home as precaution. >> the health department is advising over the weekend and sends to an inspector said that the lunchroom was up to par. school is expected to go on as usual monday morning. parents are urged to keep their kids home if they have any symptoms. >> katie: new this morning, this is world aids day with several bay area groups offering free hiv testing for people who know that status.
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they are sponsoring events to commemorate world aids day. from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon free tests and counseling will be offered at the delta bay church of christ on railroad avenue in pittsburg. then a candlelight vigil will take place at the park. county officials say most recent figures number of people living with aids was up 2011 compared to 34 hours earlier. >> and tensions between the u.s. and north
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san mateo bridge, foggy and advisories posted for the bay bridge due to the gusty winds. they are gusting over 30 miles an hour. smarters of showers in the north
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bay and starting out to glen ellen and yountville, showers. livermore valley, dublin you are dry now. but highway 84 back into union city. san leandro and the peninsula down to the south bay, sunnyvale cupertino light showers. we're going to get into this break, as the break, continue to lighten up. breezy throughout the day today. we are looking at our last system in the pacific that will bring us the heavy winds into tomorrow. we'll time out the next heavy rain coming your way in a few minutes. >> katie: get where you are going and stay there. developing news in south florida two people are now dead and more than two dozen others injured. a tour bus hit an overpass at
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miami international airport. officials say all 32 people aboard the bus suffered some sort of injury. the driver was not familiar with the area and didn't intend to go to the airport. they are supposed to travel through the departure area that has a higher clearance. >> north korea says it will try again to launch a long range rocket. they say the launch will take place between december 10 and december 22. it comes as kim jung un meets with chinese officials to discuss relations and comes ahead of south korea presidential election. north launched a long range rocket in april that broke apart shortly after liftoff. the reigns of power in mexico changed hands. outgoing president felipe
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calderon gave the will be elected president the cook's flag. he is a member of the institutional revolutionary party which ruled mexico for seven decades after losing power in a scandal. an oregon man is recovering from a shark attack in hawaii. the 61-year-old tourist was swimming on maui. he was 200 yards offshore. he suffered cuts on his legs and thigh and was taken to the hospital. he told a state biologist the shark's head was about two feet wide. >> the estimate of the size of the head and coloration and shape, i'm not an expert but his guess it was a tiger shark perhaps. >> the attack occurred on the
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south side of maui. >> as the storms move through the bay area, viewers have been sending in in their photos. this image shows a tree that fell in the backyard of a house in south san francisco. another viewer sent us this beautiful picture of a full rainbow over the golden gate bridge. e-mail your photos to us. lots of examples of wild and interesting weather over the past few days. >> we have had significant breaks. it really has helped us out. even flood warnings and flood watch locally, light rain right now, this is golden gate bridge. we are looking still several hours away until we get into the heaviest of rain. it's a mess si day out there. windy conditions and fog but still very heavy rain to come. i'll tell you when and how long it will last next. >> katie: also next, stanford
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>> katie: new information on the accident we reported at the top of the hour. it's the accident on highway 280 at alemany boulevard. we know eight to ten cars may be
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involved. there are 11 people injured. 11 people involved. nine were taken to the hospital. we're keeping an eye on that situation. certainly is dangerous out there this morning. we don't know the cause of that accident. we have rain all throughout the bay area, fog, limited visibility and very breezy conditions. in lake tahoe. a peek of sun there right now. we have very gusty winds. high wind warning in effect. 45 degrees at lake though tahoe airport with cloudy conditions. way too warm to get any snow at lake level. there will be snow in the higher elevations. here is mount tam. you can see all the wet weather. our roof camera finally back home, no one really is immune to the wet weather. it will be light and we're going to see it back off throughout much of the day. live doppler 7-hd shows all the light blue here that indicates the light rain falling from the north bay into the peninsula and
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santa cruz mountains. petaluma, sonoma, out towards the delta, american canyon, wet roadways. through moraga and hayward. strerona road into fremont. wet roadways and 280 the poor visibility and light showers around alpine road. sunnyvale and get set for rain in milpitas. santa cruz mountains has been a wet day there. very poor visibility. look at all the moisture. a lot of this is just going underneath the radar beam. there is so much moisture out there that some of this light rain continues to fall for the next couple of hours. then we'll get into that frontal band. right now the winds are gusting up to 32 miles an hour.
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an hour and 35 minute delays at sfo. it is nasty right now. a little break today. i hope we can get out and clean up more of those storm drains. 60 in livermore and san jose because the strongest is yet to come. showers on and off today with heavy rain and wind tonight through tomorrow morning. have plans tomorrow evening, bring an umbrella, past 10:00, we'll get into heavier downpours that has allowed for flood warnings for napa river and through guerneville. this is flood watch. we're talking one to three inches in the east bay. you could have some of the smaller streams overtop their banks. santa cruz mountains and we're looking at storm drains as well-being overwhelmed. high surf advisory through sunday morning at 5:00 for 12-15
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foot swells. all of this moisture here. the trough swinging allowing to wring out any moisture in the air. you see our break 3:00 this afternoon. take a look at 10:00 tonight. santa rosa, heavier rain sliding to the south. it will continue through the morning hours. temperatures will be mild but the front pushes through by 11:00 and then by the afternoon, not looking too bad at all. 24 hours from now, we will be definitely in the thick of it. with up to 4 inches in the santa cruz mountains. gusty winds and then as we head through the next several days, we get a little break. break comes as soon as tomorrow. a lot like the first system that moved through quickly and gusty winds. we're almost there.
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you should try to prepare still with cleaning out the drains. if you have any roof that leaks like i do, get a bucket out there. we have developing news from kansas city where espn is saying a kansas city chiefs player killed himself after killing his girlfriend. they also says police are investigating a second crime scene where the players girlfriend was found dead this morning. player's name is not being released until family members can be notified. in sports tonight. first place warriors host indiana pacers. last night stanford came out smelling like roses in the championship game against ucla. >> good morning. after beating ucla, cardinals
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and browns met last night and this was a -- bruins. bad weather, stadium was half full. this is a different game entirely. up 14-7. huntedly picked off by reynolds. this should have been four as he weaves his way down the field. they spotted him down at the 1. next play, taylor punches it in. 76 yards rushing becoming stanford aeg's all time rusher. to the third quarter, jonathan franklin glides in for the score. he got 201 yards rushing. ucla but stan gord comes right back. on third and 15, 267 yards on the money. hogan through for 155 yards and touchdown. that tied it at 24 apiece.
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final minutes, ucla freshman kicker for the tie and it is wide left from 52. as stanford captures the pac-12 championship 27-24 and head to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000. here is mike shumann with the mvp. >> the thing is they brought our program this far. put us in a position for success. >> all your friends and family and you are going to the rose bowl? >> this is most amazing things i ever felt. they only talk about beating notre dame. wanting to send to us the top. used to be part of that. it's a great feeling. congratulations to san jose state invited to play in the military bowl december 27th. they will l face a team from the mid-american conference. spartans won only one game when
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mike mcintyre arrived but now they are ten-win team. >> high school football, late fourth quarter. fourth and goal, they don't kick the field goal and gets stuffed. we head to overtime. bells open with a field goal but st. ignacious. captures the championship 13-10 the final in overtime. >> the giants may a fear the beard in another uniform. brian wilson is a free agent. they didn't offer him a contract because they didn't want to be on a hook for minimum of $6.8 million. it's possible he could re-sign with san francisco but it doesn't sound like wilson wants to go for that.
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>> finally in new york, nobody is safe. the yankee jeter is mobbed. he is coming back from ankle surgery. you put on a few pounds and you get crushed. welcome to new york. that is wrap on morning sports. we got college football. i hope you will join us for "lexus after the game." we will recap the highlights and what is ahead for cal and san jose state. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and raider nation, e-mail your fan photos to ureport@kgo we'll show them on the air on special edition at 4:00 on thursday. then at 5:00, watch peyton manning and broncos take on the raiders that is right here. coming up next, more on wet
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weather causing problems around the bay area and flood warnings and watches in effect all over the place. we'll have a live report. big concerns in the sierra and reno areas. officials h
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>> katie: it is 8:30 and started
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you off with the weather. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning everyone. view from mount tam. it is wet out there and ton of moisture in the air so not taking much to wring it all out. this is not associated with the heavy surge of moisture coming in tonight. you notice a smattering of showers. north bay rain around sonoma. yountville and napa and airport boulevard further to the east, looking at rain north of milpitas and mission boulevard. down into the south bay, we have fog, breezy winds, cupertino and campbell light rain down to theness mountains. we're getting into a break. you can see plenty of clouds and light rain throughout the day today before the next system heads our way with gusty winds. as much as three to five inches of additional rain and that put many rivers in the warning stage
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and flood watch locally. as lisa told us, watches around warnings. let's go to our reporter in petaluma. rising water out there, as well. good morning, there has been a steady rain. it's just letting up a little bit. just a little bit of drizzle but it helped fill willow brook creek behind me. people that work nearby were surprised how quickly it filled. it was completely empty on thursday. we have video from the guerneville area yesterday where one man whose trailer sits on right on the bank he watched the river rise up 17 feet yesterday.
8:33 am
some drivers ignored those warning signs. they tried to cross anyway but didn't have any look. >> we were coming from windsor and we were going to the mall. once we got to the water. you could see the cars smoke coming out here and i turned the car back off and turned it back on. and we opened the doors and all the water came in. >> everybody thinks they can come through and they don't make it. >> they don't make it. a windsor resident he pulled out three cars. it forced the closure of route 12 and highway 121 but it happened all across the bay area. i shared a tweet. from sonoma news telling the followers to avoid it unless you are driving a boat. that was for the routed 12 and 121 closure. today as lisa mentioned a
8:34 am
respite in the storm but they are using today to brace for tomorrow. reporting live, "abc 7 news". >> katie: on the accident we told you eight to ten car pile-up northbound 280. the are tweeting that all lanes of northbound 280 have reopened in san francisco. also california emergency management agency is reminding people as the store comes and goes, it's a good reminder to make sure you are ready for the rainy sciences or any type of natural hazard. you should have items like radios and flashlights. three-day of food and water for everyone in the family and manual can opener. for developing an emergency plan for your family is posted at
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>> in the sierra truckee width is expected to overflow the banks beginning early tomorrow morning. state of emergency has been declared for douglas county. preparations is well underway. they are filling sandbags in an industrial section of sparks that could be under four feet of water by 7:00 tomorrow night. it's expected to reach four feet above flood stage. in california the truckee river is expected to flood between squaw creek and the town of truckee there is potential for major damage. rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra and ski resorts do plan on being open. kirkwood provided these pictures showing what it looks like. kirkwood, heavenly and northstar all plan to be open today. we know the lifts are idle at sugar bowl. sugar bowl will be closed because of high winds, squaw
8:36 am
valley and alpine meadows reported high winds and that may keep them from opening today. >> a 17-year-old boy is san jose 37th hyz of the year. police suspect the murder may have been gang-related. they have not released any suspect information. coming up next, the desperate times for millions of people in afghanistan. >> it's almost unimaginable how these people survive. >> next, the author of the kite runner and his intense effort to help provide shelter for people in his homeland. live look outside the conditions inness santa cruz. had the rain there. had the rain there. lisa argen will have [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib:
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>> katie: good morning to everybody. it's 8:40, live at san jose, shark tank, 60 degrees there. breezy and cloudy. coming up lisa argen will let us now if and when the rain will fall there. the man who wrote the best-selling book, the kite runner, is asking for help for homeless afghan refugees.
8:40 am
he is encouraging students to hold fund-raisers and learn about the children that live there. cheryl jennings has our story. >> you are looking at video of afghanistan. he lives in san jose now and he is internationally known for his best-selling books, the kite runner. he spends list free time raising money to build shelters like this for homeless families in afghanistan and to provide educational opportunities and healthcare for women and children. the need is overwhelming after 30 years of war. >> a lot of times people are left homeless without food or water or access to educational and healthcare. >> some resort on to living under ground to stay alive. >> there would be 15 to 20 feel
8:41 am
that would live in these holes and top as a quote, unquote, window. they would live there for three months. many parts of the country is brutal. freezing temperatures i would go to villages and see elders complain about the elderly and children that were losing every winter due to the cold. this is one reason why, it costs $2,000 for a family of six or seven people. for a small amount of money it can be a life saving structure. >> families get a pre-packaged kit and build the shelters themselves. >> they are given the raw materials, the frames the doors and beams. >> so far his foundation has raised enough money to build 400 shelters to house 2300 people. his wife is helping afghan women that remain in refugee camps in afghanistan. they make jewelry and other
8:42 am
items through a nonprofit. >> all the income that is generated by the sale of these items is reinvested in the lives of those women in helping with food, jobs and medicine. >> the doctor is tapping in his young fan base on help with his mission. >> i have so many letters from high school students saying that i'd like to do something for afghanistan. i would like to do something for kids just like me in afghanistan. >> he designed a program called sos, student out reach for surelys. >> there a component in a curriculum where we devised they can partner with us and help us raise funds to build shelters. >> i'm going to be fund-raising and helping him out in the organization anyway that i can. >> he attends a school in san jose. he is passionate about his new fund-raising drive to help homeless afghans. >> i feel they have worked so
8:43 am
hard to establish themselves and war happens. >> they are hoping that a lot more young people will want to get involved and help homeless afghan families. when they do it will be a real live history lesson. >> i hope it really works. i hope it changes people's lives. we have a big part in rebuilding afghanistan. >> katie: lots of weather to talk about there out there. it's causing trouble on the roads and skies. >> it's not coming down that hard. we have light rain, moderate at times. here is a look at the embarcadero where you see the raindrops on the lens. sfo reporting delays of an hour and a half right now. they also put out a weather warning for tomorrow. they are expecting gusty winds and big time delays in answer of our next heavy rain event. flash flood warning up around the bay area. we do have a break to talk about before and after. i'll let you know whether next.
8:44 am
>> also ahead, all that talking, texting and data, it can add up to hundreds of dollars. michael finney tells us one of ways you
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>> katie: welcome back. meteorologist lisa argen with the weather. we are in a break with the worst
8:47 am
yet to come. >> lisa: plenty of rain out there right now. it is our break. heaviest system and the one that is going to come in tonight and tomorrow. still slated to bring in several inches of rain. this is light stuff. as we take a look outside in the sierra nevada it is raining there. we had sunshine in the mid 40s at tahoe airport. wind gusts up to 46 miles an hour. a lot of these places wanted to open with the higher bases with the wet snow but the wind can gust up to 70 miles an hour. probably not going to happen. san mateo bridge right now, very cloudy. there has been an advisory on local bridges with gusts over 35 miles an hour. emeryville, light to moderate rain all morning long but we are looking at things drying out in the north bay. we will get into drier skies
8:48 am
throughout the afternoon before the last and significant heavy rainmaker comes our way. live doppler 7-hd. you will notice the lighter shades indicated the lighter rain up towards the delta into the north bay. the rain has begun to back off in napa and glen ellen, in yountville we have the light rain and breezy winds. east bay where things are a little bit lighter. some of this moisture is just so low level and the atmosphere is so saturated that the radar not picking up all of it. santa cruz mountains, south bay with more light rain. very poor visibility. you add to that a southeast wind gusting to 32 miles an hour into the east bay. it is pretty slick and treacherous out there. hayward, wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. upper 50s to 60 from livermore to san jose. showers on and off, mainly off
8:49 am
in the next couple of hours. heavy rain and evening hours, moderate rain overnight we're still looking at very rainy conditions with possibility of flooding tomorrow. here are the rainfall totals so far. over an inch in santa rosa. nearly that in san rafael. then down through oakland we picked up an inch with a third in livermore. half an inch in san jose. we've had this little break around here, take a look the atmosphere is totally saturated. the moisture is going to add to our totals but what we're anticipating late tonight. flash flood watch in the peninsula with several inches of rain to come. smaller streams overtopping the banks and high surf advisory through tomorrow morning with seas up to 15 feet from the north coast to the south coast. here we are right now with little trough wringing out what
8:50 am
moisture there is. it's this focused area this trough that is sending up the subtropical plume that will cause flooding perhaps in the north bay. here we are by 10:00 tonight. notice the yellow and oranges are well to the north. this time tomorrow we're really into the heavy rain and then a break at 11:00, north bay and rest of the bay, raiders game looking pretty dry. flash flood warnings at guerneville and hopland and napa then dry days beginning on monday. average american household spends more than $1500 every year on cellphone service. there are ways to save. michael finney take a look at prepaid options. >> reporter: good morning. if you are looking to save money on your cellphone bill, consumer reports says a prepaid plan may
8:51 am
be your best option. it seems about everyone is on a start phone and we are paying big bucks. >> average american household spent more than $1500 this year on phones and services. biggest spenders easily spent twice that much. >> consumer reports says a prepaid phone plan can be a smart way to save. >> two-thirds that switched to prepaid service knocked $20 or more off their monthly cell services costs. >> it's offered from track phone straight talk and metro pcs. big cellphone providers, verizon and at&t also offer prepaid plans. >> prepaid plans is pay as you go or monthly allocation of minutes. you may pay more for the phone but you can save in the long run. >> the phones offered with prepaid plans used to be the basics but some prepaid carriers
8:52 am
offer smart phones. galaxy s-3 is available from metro pcs and cricket wireless is prepaid company. if you don't need the latest smart phone, they recommend straight talk's prepaid plans available through walmart. >> it's interesting that people were happy with straight talk. >> straight talk has several plans including $45 a month, unlimited talk, text and data. that is shaf the price of verizon's cheapest unlimited plan. >> consumer reports ez says money saving tip, if you have a phone you like, ask if you can transfer the phone to a prepaid plan with your current carrier or a new carrier. you can get the same service that pay a lot less. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". >> katie: we now know who is taking home half the record
8:53 am
powerball jackpot. what they
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[ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. >> katie: here are the winning numbers from last night. mega number is 46. nobody picked them so tuesday's jackpot is estimated at $13 million. >> the holders of one of two winning tickets in the massive
8:56 am
powerball jackpot have picked up their winnings. they couldn't help but smile as they posed with their ceremonial big check. her husband gave her ten dollars to buy the tickets and a quick pick chose the right combination. they are going to buy a pony for one of their daughters and they aren't sure. >> we're still stunned by what has happened. it's surreal. people keep asking, what are you going to buy with it -- i want to go home and get back to normal. >> good luck with that. no one has come forward with the other winning ticket but we know it was bought near phoenix, arizona. >> lisa: we've got rain from the sierra to san francisco with gusty winds and fog. here is a look at all the rain, from berkeley, san francisco and rain further south, light rain
8:57 am
from the south bay. it will lighten up more so in the afternoon but a flash flood watch in anticipation of our last system that brings heavy rain and high surf through this time tomorrow morning. we will be pressing at flood stage. >> hunker down out there. thanks for joining us on the abc7 morning news. we continue at 4:00 before college football and next newscast is at 11:00 tonight.
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my


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